First Time Buyers

Don’t Pay Another Cent in Rent to Your Landlord …..

  • Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage Every Time you Write a Rent Check
  • Don’t Be a Victim of Continually Increasing Rental Costs
  • Stop Being a Prisoner of Your Landlords Rules and Pet Restrictions

Reasons to Buy vs Renting

  1. Invest in Your Future
  2. Pride of Home Ownership
  3. Increased Security For Your Family
  4. Make Home Improvements without Approvals
  5. Home Ownership Tax Deductions
  6. Appreciation Potential (Act now before prices escalate further)

Qualifying for a Loan

  1. Lower Income  Buyer’s Can Qualify
  2. Perfect Credit Not Required
  3. Low Down Payment/Low Interest Rate  Loan Programs
    1. FHA Loans with only 3.5% Down Payment
    2. VA Loans (Veterans) with 0% Down Payment
    3. Improvements  can be Financed into Loan
  4. Seller/Lender can pay Closing Costs
  5. IRA/401K Funds can be used for Down Payment
  6. Family Members can Assist w/Gift Letter

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