Short Sales and Foreclosures

Housing and Financial Crisis – Know All Your Options

Congress has extended certain provisions of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act through the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 until December 31, 2017.  Proposed House and Senate Bills would make this act permanent or extend thru December 31, 2018.  However, under California law, homeowners who short sale their home do not have any Federal or State income tax liability.  This act benefits qualified homeowners who may have otherwise owed taxes on forgiven debt after going through a short sale.

The current U.S. housing market and financial crisis have caused tremendous stress and heartache for families across America and especially California.  If you or someone you know is among the millions today affected by the prospect of foreclosure, understand that you are not alone.

Unfortunately, seven out of 10 homeowners in foreclosure proceed without the assistance or advice of real estate professionals.  Now more than ever, you need to find an advocate for you and your family’s interests, one who is prepared to handle your specific needs.

Real estate professionals with the Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE) Designation have trained extensively to understand the options, solutions and effective methods to for dealing with homeowners facing hardships.  Don’t risk your financial future and the potential sale of your home with an agent who does not have all the options, solutions or expertise.

Certified Distressed Property Experts fully understand that saving a home can save a life, which can save a family, which can save a future.

What is a CDPE?     

A Certified Distressed Property Expert® is a real estate professional with specific understanding of the complex issues confronting the real estate industry, and the foreclosure avoidance options available to homeowners. Through comprehensive training and experience, CDPEs are able to provide solutions for homeowners facing hardships in today’s market, specifically short sales.

The prospect of foreclosure can be financially and emotionally devastating, and often homeowners proceed without guidance of any kind. The developers of the CDPE Designation believe that the best course of action for a homeowner in distress is to speak with a well-informed, licensed real estate professional. They have the tools needed to help homeowners find the best solution for their situation. Often, when other options have been exhausted, CDPEs can help homeowners avoid foreclosure through the efficient execution of a short sale.

While enduring financial difficulties is challenging for any family, the process of finding a qualified real estate professional should not be. Selecting an agent with the CDPE Designation ensures you are dealing with a professional trained to address your specific needs.  Our Team has completed the extensive training and has received the CDPE Designation.


Short Sale Benefits

  • Avoid Foreclosure
  • Avoid Federal Income Taxes
  • Absolutely No Cost to Homeowner
  • Costs Paid by Lender and Buyer
  • Shortages Forgiven by Lender(s)
  • Minimize Credit Damage
  • Repurchase Home within 1-3 Years
  • Stop Lender Debt Collection Calls
  • Up to $10,000 Relocation Assistance

How We Can Help

If you find yourself in a Distressed Sale – Short Sale situation, our team can help you navigate through the minefields involved with getting a sale approved by your lender(s).  For more information, click on Know Your Options.  We utilize professional consulting companies that are highly experienced and trained and have developed the contacts with all major bank loss mitigation departments to get short sales approved.  In fact, our team of Realtor’s and Short Sale Consultant’s have experienced a 95%+ success rate obtaining short sale approvals.  To get started, contact us at E-mail: or call us at 949.305.0102 for a no obligation consultation to determine if your financial hardship and property qualify for a lender approved Short Sale or if we can find solutions to help you retain your home.  All consultations are discrete and held in the Strictest confidence.  No information is ever shared.