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Thank you for visiting our website.  Our Team of real estate professionals are available to help you with all of your real estate needs in Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura counties of Southern California. The website has been designed to be your complete Real Estate Resource.  It has been built to assist you with most of your real estate needs.  The buttons will link you to information that Swill provide additional information and help answer many of your questions.

We are always available to offer you personal, one-on-one help and consultation with what some say is the biggest decision you will make in your life.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us!  We suggest an initial face-to-face meeting to explore the best options planning for and achieving your real estate goals!


The following are key reasons to select Summit Real Estate Group to handle all of your real estate needs:

  1. Local Knowledge (Neighborhood Specialists)
  2. Exceptional Service (Platinum Quality Service Certified)
  3. Unbeatable Results (Over 1,000 Closed Transactions)
  4. Professional Marketing (Professional Photography and Virtual Tours All Listings)
  5. Strong Negotiating Skills (Obtain Best Price, Terms and Conditions for our Clients)
  6. Experience and Unparalleled Commitment (Over 25 Years Experience)
  7. Unique Selling Propositions (Competitive Commissions and Incentives)

We are Full Time, Full Service Realtors and members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and California Association of Realtors (CAR).

We are members of the Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR) that provides access to properties in the Southern California Multiple Listing Services (CRMLS).  Buyers can search for properties on our website using the same MLS data base that real estate agents utilize and get up-to-date listings when they first hit the market.  For New Homes, a New Home Buyer Directory is available for Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

We are Quality Service Certified by an independent third party organization and provide Personal Professional Services that we guarantee in writing.  We have achieved Platinum recognition for 100% customer satisfaction.  Our goal is to constantly exceed our client’s expectations.

We have access to key real estate networking organizations with top agents from major real estate firms in Southern California. The networking groups put Buyers and Sellers together.  We know about many homes before they go into the MLS, giving our clients a competitive advantage.


Our goal is to listen to your needs and meet or exceed your expectations.  Since over 90% of Buyers begin their search on the internet, our marketing strategy is as follows:


This is similar to the time tested rule for purchasing real estate:


Marketing Plan

We have a written 35 POINT MARKETING PLAN that includes utilizing state-of-the-art Virtual Tours and Professional Photography on all of our listings.  We provide a 24×7 “Open House” access to all internet shoppers with top search engine placement on the top real estate internet sites. We also utilize multi-media advertising including ads in Print MagazinesDirect Mail, E-mail Blast Campaigns, Social Media and Networking with other Top Agents in Southern California.  We offer Unique Selling Propositions with incentives reducing the cost of selling your home and an Easy Exit Listing Agreement in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied with our service or performance.

Increased exposure will likely result in more showingsbetter showings (Agents and Buyers), increased competitiona higher sales price and quicker sale. We also provide protective contractual language and use preferred lenders to verify the Buyers credit and income information before final offer acceptance.  We provide a comprehensive Disclosure Package and provide supplemental $50,000 Errors & Omission Insurance protection to the Seller in addition to our $1,000,000 brokerage coverage.

During the escrow process, the Transaction Coordinator carefully monitors the Buyers loan status, appraisal, disclosures, inspections and all contingency removals to keep the escrow process moving forward smoothly, minimizing and/or resolving issues and avoiding unpleasant surprises.

We work well with the following types of Seller’s

  1. Move-up (Dream, Luxury and New Homes)
  2. Downsizing (Empty Nesters and Senior’s)
  3. Foreclosure and Distressed Sale (Short Sale, Notice of Default (NOD), Notice of Trustee Sale (NOTS) and late mortgage payments).
  4. Probate
  5. Divorce
  6. Expired and Cancelled Listings
  7. For Sale by Owner (FSBO).
  8. First Time Buyer’s and Renters

Move-up (Dream, Luxury or New Home)

We can handle the sale of your current home and help you find your Dream, Luxury or New Home.  Search yourself or click on the Dream Home box and send us your search criteria and we will email you a list of all available homes most nearly matching your Dream or Luxury Home criteria.  Our Team will list and sell your current home and once we find your Dream or Luxury Home, our Team will negotiate an accepted offer on your Dream or Luxury Home and coordinate and manage the entire process of both transactions.  If you are interested in a New Home, inquire about our New Home Directory for Orange, Los Angeles-Ventura Counties.

Downsizing (Empty Nesters and Senior’s)

We are certified Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) and can help you transition from a large home to a smaller home, or the transition to an assisted living facility.  We can also refer you to company’s that can dispose of unwanted personal property.  We understand the difficult decisions you are facing and can provide resources to make the change go smoothly for both the living arrangements and personal property transition.

Foreclosure and Distressed Sale (Short Sale, NOD, NOTS, Late Mortgage payments and Tax Defaults)

If you owe more on your home than what it is currently worth, we are Certified Distressed Property Experts (CDPE), Certified Short Sale Agents (CSSA),  Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource (SFR) certified to obtain approval(s) to sell your property at a loss absorbed and forgiven by the lender(s), at no cost to you, and often times receive substantial Relocation Assistance. Avoid Foreclosure and minimize the damage to your credit by learning about the many options available.

We are Certified Foreclosure Agents (CFA) having successfully listed and closed over 150 REO properties. We also maintain an updated database of REO/Foreclosure and other properties available in Southern California that are not listed in the MLS that provides a competitive advantage to our Buyer’s and Investors.  We have completed over 2,500 Fee and requested Broker Price Opinions for Banks and Asset Management Companies, determining accurate property values on Southern California real estate.


Probate is the legal process for transferring real estate from a deceased person’s name to his or her estate so they can be sold or distributed to the heirs.  Our Team has helped guide many families thru these difficult and often emotional times.  We are Certified Probate Real Estate Specialists (CPRES) and are highly trained to handle these types of sales.  We are members of US Probate Services and can also refer you to companies that handle Estate Sales or can dispose of unwanted personal property.


Divorces are rarely easy, and very few end with zero disputes over major assets. For most relationships, the biggest shared assets are related to real estate. Whether the marital home or investment property, those going through divorce often want to know, “what happens to real estate in a divorce?”  Our Team works closely with all parties in a Divorce (husband, wife and attorneys).  We remain neutral, not taking sides, and treat both parties with dignity and respect.  Our goal is to make the transaction as smooth as possible so both parties can move forward with their lives during a difficult time.  We can also assist both parties with any relocation needs or finding replacement living arrangements whether it is leasing or repurchasing real estate.

Expired and Cancelled Listings 

We specialize in selling homes that didn’t sell the first time for one reason or another.  The usual reasons are price and exposure, but not always.  We love the opportunity to meet with Sellers to determine exactly why the home didn’t sell and present our unique marketing plan and strategies that will get the home sold quickly at the highest possible price so the Seller can move on with their plans and life.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

The NAR statistics indicate FSBO’s have a 7% success rate and an average sales price 11% less than with an agent-assisted sale.  Does it make sense to save 6% or less commission and lose 5% or more of your Net Equity with a lower sales price?  The dollar loss in net equity is substantially more when considering the average selling price of homes is more than double in Southern California.

We offer a Unique Selling Proposition on Commission for FSBO’s.  We charge lower fees starting at $995 if you find the Buyer and offer discount options, charging a small flat fee for bare bones support, or charging a higher – yet still relatively discounted commission for more substantial support.



We work well with the following types of Buyers:

  1. New Homes
  2. Resale Homes
  3. First Time Buyers and Renters
  4. Move-Up (Dream and Luxury Homes)
  5. Downsizers (Empty Nesters and Seniors)
  6. Relocation
  7. Investors

New Homes

If you are considering the purchase of New Construction, we are New Home Co-Broker (NHCB) certified, have direct New Home builder sales experience and have all of the builder’s new home information.  We offer a New Home Buyer Rebate Program that provides a cash incentive for utilizing our Team to help you find the perfect New Home.  Go to our Buyer – New Home tab for more information on the New Home Buyer Rebate Program. See us first before visiting or registering with the New Home Sales Office to take full advantage and qualify for these benefits!

Resale Homes

Search the MLS for available homes in Southern California and our Team will show you the homes and write a Purchase Offer on the home you choose.

First Time Buyers and Renters                     

Our goal is to find the best possible home or investment that meets your desires and financial needs. We will assist you in finding a reputable lender with competitive rates and loan costs.  We will negotiate on your behalf for the best possible price and terms on any home you purchase and we will keep you informed during the entire process by regular communication.

We work closely with reputable direct local lenders who are familiar with real estate in Southern California and have very competitive rates and low closing costs.  Especially in the current real estate market, Buyers need to be Pre-Approved, not just Pre-Qualified, before beginning the home search process.  We can put you in touch with the right lender to start the Pre-approval process in advance of finding your next home or investment.

Stop paying your Landlord’s mortgage every time you write a rent check

Don’t be a victim of continually increasing rental costs

Stop being a prisoner of your Landlords rules and restrictions

Reasons to Own vs Renting

  1. Invest in Your Future
  2. Pride of Home Ownership
  3. Increased Security For Your Family
  4. Make Home Improvements without Landlord Approvals
  5. Home Ownership Tax Deductions
  6. Appreciation Potential (Purchase now before prices escalate further)

Move-Up (Dream and Luxury Homes)

Have you gotten a promotion at work, been successful with your small business, outgrown your current home, have new additions to the family, want a yard or better school district for your children?  Now may be a good time to consider selling your smaller home or townhome and purchasing a larger home that meets the current needs of your family.  We can help coordinate both transactions and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Downsizing (Empty Nesters and Seniors)

Did you know that boomers will turn 65 at a rate of about 8,000 a day for next 18 years?  That’s a lot of American homeowners who are reaching retirement age and starting to think about their next phase in life. Our Team is Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) certified and are trained to deal with real estate issues faced by seniors.

If you fall into this category, it could be a good time to consider leaving that large home behind.  Downsizing can help boomers reduce home ownership costs and enjoy their newfound freedom.


If you are moving to our community, we can assist you in collecting the information you need and make your transition as smooth as possible.  Feel free to contact us for any information you may need. We love to assist families in relocating, and we’ve helped many people move into Southern California. We love to assist families in relocating, and we’ve helped many people move into Southern California. If you are moving outside of the area, through our extensive Network of Nationwide Brokers, we can connect you with a knowledgeable Agent to assist you with your real estate needs.


“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate” – Andrew Carnegie

You don’t have to be wealthy and have large amounts of cash to invest in real estate.  According to a National Association of Realtors study of investors, nearly half of all investors had an annual income of less than $75,000.  Down payment and closing cost funds came from traditional mortgages, home equity loans, Self-Directed IRA’s, Gifts from Family Members and partnerships.  Larger investors will often use short term hard money loans to leverage their investments and maximize profits.

1031 Tax Exchange

We are knowledgeable with 1031 Tax-Exchanges and can explain the benefits and direct you to the companies that accommodate these exchanges.  We are Certified Investment Agent Specialists (CIAS) and have specialized resources to help investors find and acquire Residential and Residential Income properties listed in the MLS and at Private and Court House Auctions throughout Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

PROP 60 and PROP 90 Tax Basis Transfer

Prop. 60 allows the transfer of base-year property values within the same county. Prop. 90 allows transfers from one California County to another, including Alameda, Riverside, San Mateo, Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Santa Clara, Orange, San Diedo and Tuolumne counties. All are property tax savings programs for owners’ age 55 or older, or severely and permanently disabled, who sell a home and buy another of equal or lesser value. Under Proposition 13, a home is appraised at its full market value at the time it is purchased. Props. 60 and 90 allow the taxable value on the original home to be transferred to the replacement home. That prevents any increase in property taxes when the new home is appraised, saving Buyer’s substantial amounts of money.

Referral Business

Over 75% of our business is Repeat or Referral business from clients who have recommended us to family members, close friends, business associates or people in the community as a result of their positive experience with our Team.  We work hard to earn your approval and confidence in order to receive referrals.  A REFERRAL IS THE GREATEST COMPLIMENT THAT WE CAN RECEIVE!

Agent Referrals

We cooperate with Out of Area Agents who have clients wanting to purchase homes in Southern California.  We will gladly pay a competitive Referral Fee and help your clients find the perfect home.  Rest assured that they will be in good hands with our Team!

Thank you for visiting our site.  Please bookmark it, forward it to friends and visit it often.  We look forward to adding you to our growing family of satisfied clients. For more information, you can contact our Team by Email at Info(at)SummitRealEstateGroup(dotted)net or call us at 949.305.0121


1. Prepare Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) to Determine Fair Market Value Price Range
2. Present Multiple Strategies and Options for Pricing Home
3. Compile List of Upgrades, Improvements and Features to Promote Listing
4. Prepare Seller’s Net Sheet showing Proceeds after all Closing Costs and Mortgage Payoff(s)
5. Identify Potential Improvements/Repairs to Maximize Selling Price
6. Cost/Benefit Analysis on Improvements and Repairs
7. Recommend Contractors for Improvements and Repairs
8. Staging Home(Optional)
9. Provide Professional Photography and Maximum Number Photos for MLS
10. Provide Professional Virtual Tour and Utilize Drone Technology where applicable
11. Comprehensive Disclosure Package to Provide Maximum Seller Protection
12. List in Orange County Association of Realtors (OCAR), Southland Regional Association of Realtors (SRAR) MLS and CRMLS
13. Create a Professional Color Flyer Featuring Property and Showcasing Financing Options
14. Install SUPRA Electronic Key and Combo Box Access for Out of Area Agents
15. Professional Yard/Condo Sign(s)/Brochure Box/Professional Flyers
16. Inside Flyer Stand/Full Color Flyers/Listing Agent Business Cards w/ Contact Information
17. Syndicate Listing w/Photos and Virtual Tour to All Major Real Estate Sites to Provide Maximum Internet Exposure
18. List Home on all major real estate websites (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor. com, etc.)
19. Strategically Place your home online as Featured Listing on our Personal Websites
20. Network with Real Estate Networking Organizations
21. Multi-Media Advertising to Promote Listing
22. Daily Prospecting w/Data Base, Lenders and Real Estate Affiliates to find Buyers for your Home
23. Hold Virtual Open Houses for all Agent showings
24. Hold Broker Open/Caravan (If Available)
25. Follow-up on All Agent Showings/Monitor SUPRA Showing Information
26. Tour Factory Virtual Tour Weekly Viewing Report (Email), Weekly Hot List Distribution
27. Weekly Update on Neighborhood Market Activity (Active, Pending and Sold)
28. Weekly Feedback and Pricing Reviews
29. All Offers Immediately Presented with Pros and Cons of Offer(s)
30. Updated Seller’s Net Sheet Showing Seller Net Proceeds with Offer(s) as Written
31. Strategies for Countering Offer(s) to Improve Seller’s Net Proceeds
32. Double Lending Application on All Offers to Validate Buyer’s Loan Qualifications
33. Continue to Market and Hold Back-Up Offers as Insurance Policy
34. Available 24×7 for any Questions or Concerns
35. Easy Exit Listing Agreement (In Unlikely event Client Unsatisfied with Agent Performance)

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