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DON’T QUIT!! The Real Estate Market is Strong and Many Homes in your Area are Selling, Often with Multiple Offers!

You have probably been through countless showings, open houses, excuses from your old realtor and more!

Did you know that in 2016 over 90% of all homes sold utilized an Agent and that the Typical Sold Price and Seller Net Proceeds was considerably higher when using an Agent?

Why didn’t your home sell? It’s probably one of these reasons:

1.Exposure. The number one reason homes don’t sell is due to Exposure. Summit Real Estate Group utilizes professional photography and Tour Factory virtual tours on all of our listings. Over 90% of Buyers begin their home search on the internet.Tour Factory syndicates our virtual tours to all real estate websites (MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Google, etc.) providing maximum internet exposure. The professional virtual tour also provides a 24 x 7 on-line Open House of your home. We don’t stop there –we utilize multi-media advertising, highly promote Open Houses if requested by the Seller and network with top agents in Southern California.
2.Price. The number two reason homes don’t sell is due to pricing. There are numerous factors that go into pricing such as Pricing Strategies that improve the chances of Multiple Offers and a Selling Price over the List Price, Focusing on Seller Net Proceeds instead of fixating on List Price and Commission, and many other considerations.
3.Condition. A First Impression can make a world of difference to potential Buyers. We will review your home and make recommendations for de-cluttering, staging the home and inexpensive repairs to create a favorable impression of your home, resulting in a positive return on the investment.
4.Improvements and Upgrades. Simple, relatively inexpensive improvements or updates can make all the difference. We have hand-picked contractors available to complete these improvements at competitive prices and in many cases will defer payment until Close of Escrow.

Summit Real Estate Group specializes in Selling homes that for one reason or another didn’t sell. We would love the opportunity to determine why your home didn’t sell and recommend inexpensive solutions and strategies to get your home Sold quickly. We want to interview for the job of getting your home sold for the highest possible price in the shortest period of time. Email us at Info(at)SummitRealEstateGroup(dotted)net or call us at 949. 305. 0121 to make an appointment and start moving towards your home SOLD!

Contact our Team by Email at Info(at)SummitRealEstateGroup(dotted)net or call us at. . .
Orange County: 949. 305. 0121
Los Angeles County: 661. 510. 3042

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